Country Night Festival, Gstaad 13/9/97
Der Star der Pressekonferenz war Billy Ray Cyrus  in dem Grand Palace Hotel, Gstaad, bei dem Country Night Festival. Das Material wurde gesendet im Radio Costa Brava und  in der country music show "La Diligencia" am 8.Oktober 1997.Der Text deshalb in Originalsprache:

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Normal: Antworten von Billy Ray Cyrus

What do you think of the response of the attendants to your first show in Europe, yesterday at the Country Night Festival in Gstaad?
When I came out on stage, all the people was pressed out in front of the stage, jumping, screaming and yelling. It was a great thing and the whole concert went that way. The fans were very active, they sang along with the songs. They knew the words by heart. In fact, we started with a song called "Words by heart" and from this very first song to the last one the crowd sang along with us. It was just a dream come true last night, and I'll always remember our first time in Europe opening here in Gstaad.

We've realised that Don Von Tress, who's been a songwriter in many of your songs including "Achy breaky heart", is playing in your road band. When did he join Sly Dog?
Don Von Tress has been with us for about three years. Don Von Tress is a Vietnam veteran who wrote "Achy breaky heart". When I wrote the song "Some gave all", I had recorded "Achy breaky" and I met Don. He explained to me about being in Vietnam and I told him 'Well, I've recorded this song, it's gonna be the title track, it's called "Some gave all"'. We became brothers at that time, Don and I. Don is a very deep spiritual man and you wouldn't tell it from listening to "Achy breaky heart". Don wrote "Achy breaky heart" when he was hanging wallpaper at home. He just decided he would take a real funny approach at heartbreak and love gone wrong. With just a few minutes he wrote "Achy breaky" and that song changed my life a lot.

"Call me daddy" is one of the most brilliant songs from your last studio album "Trail of tears". Can you tell us something regarding the songwriting of this song?
Thank you for saying that. It's one of my favourite songs too. I was flying to Virginia Beach to do a show there the next day and the song just came to me. I got me a pen and paper and I wrote the words. It came all to me at the same time. In a couple of minutes I wrote the first two verses and the course. We arrived at the hotel at 4 o'clock that morning, with Don Von Tress and Michael Joe Sagraves, and I told them to finish that song right then. That night it was done and we recorded it for the album "Trail of tears".

"Trail of tears" is probably your most personal album and the most crafted of all you've recorded until now. What's your own opinion of this album?
It took over a year to make that album in Terry Sheldon's studio -my guitar player, Terry Sheldon-. It was on his house, in a log cabin outside of Nashville. We tought that the material we had for the new album had all the things that a great album needs, most important the songs, but we didn't know what was the opinion of our record company. Luke Lewis, the head of our label came out to hear the songs. He'd already heard "Trail of tears" and when he came we were working on "Call me daddy" at that time. When we played "Call me daddy" to Luke Lewis, he just shook his head and said 'Keep doing this. Just keep doin' what you're doing'. I told him that we might not be selling a lot of copies of this album, but the critics will have to respect what we are doing.

After all this time, would you say that "Achy breaky heart" was a bad thing or a good thing for your career?
I was fortunate enough and lukcy enough to record "Achy breaky heart" and that whole bunch of hit records including "Could've been me", that was a number 1 record, or "In the heart of a woman". These were songs that weren't just number 1 records in the United States or Canada, but also in South America, Europe, Africa, Australia or Japan. This songs were big records around the world, not just "Achy breaky heart". Like "Could've been me", "She's not crying anymore", "Where am I gonna live when I get home" or "Some gave all", which is my most decorated song. I've won more awards with this song "Some gave all" than with "Achy breaky heart". "In the heart of a woman" was another big record force... "Trail of tears" was also a record force. So, I was fortunate to follow "Achy breaky" with a bunch of hit records. If "Achy breaky" were the only thing I'd ever done, those that measure me only through this song, they would've been correct, but that's not what happened.


But on the other hand, "Achy breaky heart" will always be a huge blessing to me and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I'm so proud of that song! That song made people dance and smile all around the world. Honestly, for a boy from Flatwoods, Kentucky, that just yesterday sat on a Harley-Davidson and drove to the top of the glacier to see the snow on top of the mountain... There are not a lot of guys from Flatwoods, Kentucky that get to do that in their lives and I was fortunate enough to get to do that.

Finally, yesterday you played a new song called "Appalachian Lady" and you presented it as one of the tracks for your next album. Can you tell us something about this new studio album you're preparing?
Yeah, we'll be cutting a new album from October 20th to October 30th. I always liked to try the new songs and see what the crowd thinks about them before going into the studio. If there's a great response, then I might record them. We've been playing "Appalachian Lady" for three weeks and everywhere it's played, people just seem to love the song. In our recent United States tour it's been one of the most requested songs.
VON LA DILGENCIA  Radio Costa Brava 

17. November 1997