Ab 17.Oktober im Handel
1.You Wont Be Lonely Now
2. Southern Rain
3. All Im Thinking About is You
4. We the People
5. I Will
6. Love You Back
7. Burn Down the Trailer Park
8. Everywhere I Wanna Be
9. Crazy About You Baby
10. Without You
BONUS: Hey, Elvis
Produced by Dan Huff and Blake Chancey
Billy Ray Cyrus & Terry Shelton
Includes video und audio Tracks


by Billy Ray Cyrus, Don Von Tress, und Michael Joe Sagraves, ist eins der besten
Songs auf dem Album. Der Song wohl die Leitfigur für das ganze Album,dem wahren
Sound von Billy Ray.Textauszug:
". . . . Watermelon growing on the vine,
Sweet taste of homemade wine,
And the soft touch of your fingertips.
Laying down by the riverside-
Do you recall how we used to hide
So I could taste your lips.
Though the winds of change took me from home,
So many years just passed me by,
And now I'm all alone.
Southern rain falling down on me.
Thinking back to yesterday and the way things used to be.
Sweet home on the radio. Why do things have to change.
Oh, Lord, what I would not give to feel that Southern rain.,"

Das ist die erste Singleauskopplung aus dem neuen Album.Sie stürmt ganz
langsam in die Top 20 der Countrycharts.Auch das Video ist in den CMT Charts in
den Top 10.Textauszug:
" Now that you're here in my arms,
I'm alive for the first time in a long time.
Look at my face in the mirror and see,
The man that I wanted to be.
I wanna give you everything you need.
I wanna show you, you won't be lonely now.
I'll do anything to make you see,
How I'm gonna love you. You won't be lonely.
You won't be lonely. You won't be lonely now."

Ala, Alan Jackson!Aber etwas anders,aber er erinnert an Jackson's "I'll Go On Loving
You"  Nun,nur erzählt Billy Ray die Geschichte weiter,ohne Wiederholungen
einzubauen.Ein etwas anderer Song aber sehr gut!
"All I think about is you!" der Refrain,aber hier einige Sprachauszüge:
" Well, it's a twenty mile drive from here to town. There's gray skies and there's, no
doubt...rain's coming down this morning. I get off the interstate fifteen minutes late for
an appointment that I really didn't need to make. God, this routine bores me. Well, it's
getting twelve, and I ain't had a bite. I'm all coffeed up and sleepy eyed, wound up tight
, and it's only Monday. I've had the whole night now and a half day to think about what
you said, and what I need to change. But, it's all the same."

Den Song den George Bush in seiner Wahlveranstaltung verwendet.Mit Cyrus singen
Montgomery Gentry, John Anderson, Yankee Grey, Dani Leigh, und Waylon Jennings .
Das Video dazu startet in der 41.KW 2000 Text:
" In every city, in every town,
somebody's gotta make the world go round.
We the people move it.
We the people move.
We the people, we run the country.
We the people prove it.
We're the heart and soul.
We the people, we are the country."
Ein Titel über die arbeitenden Bevölkerung Amerikas.

Eins der gefühlvollen Titel auf dem Album,ein Song voller Liebe.
"Ask me, I'll be there whenever you fall
to do anything, everything, nothing at all.
I've move any mountain that you choose for me.
I'll change, rearrange, disappear in your dreams.
Please don't ask me to let go, let me give up,
Cause I love you that much, and I will,
It'll kill me, but I will. Baby, I will."

Hit! Hit! Hit! Der Herzschmerz in neuem Sound,aber super umgesetzt!
Der Text ist von Billy Ray,so spricht er mit seiner Musik eine Geschichte,die sehr
überzeugend erscheint.
" I hope it's not too late, but now I see
that all you've ever done is put your heart
and soul into loving me, and I know it's
time I did my part.
Baby! Give me your hand, one more chance.
Don't go. Don't go. Let me love you back."

Der Text wird wahrscheinlich unterschiedliche Kritiken hervorrufen.Entweder man
ärgert sich darüber oder man lächelt darüber.Aber ein fetziger Sound im typischen
Billy Ray stil lässt den Song zu einem der Favoriten(für mich) auf der CD werden.
" I've got a can of gas, and I'm a dangerous man.
Burn down the trailer park.
Shoot the pink flamingos out in the yard."

Der nächste Hitverdacht! Vorgetragen mit viel Gefühl.Ein Song der in dem
musikalischen Gewand der CD hervorragend passt.Der aus der Seele spricht.
" I like the me I see in your eyes.
And know when I'm the one who makes you smile.
You've given love a name and a face.
Showed me that it can be a beautiful place.
Everywhere I wanna be in this life,
is here by your side. Baby!
All I ever wanna do, is get lost in loving you.
Long as you're with me,
I'm everywhere I wanna be."

Einfacher rockiger Rythmus mit spaßigem Text:
" Crazy about ya, baby. What can I do.
Crazy about ya, baby. I'm in love with you.
Everything about you makes my heart go boom.
Crazy about you baby."
Etwas erinnert an den Song "Deja Blue",etwas schneller,eine Abwechslung zwischen
den Balladen.

Eines der Power Balladen auf der CD.Der leise zärtliche Gesang endet in einem
kraftvollen Without You.
" Sometimes I wander on my way.
Sometimes I just break down and pray.
Sometimes I think of you,
and I don't know what to do, and I wonder
I will go on without you. I will go on without your love.
Without you."

Bryan Adams schrieb den Song,sang ihn auch.Ein Tribute für Elvis.Elvis`Einfluß
auf Billy Ray wird hier deutlich.Sehr Suverän singt Billy Ray den Song,der besonders
Live in den Konzerten sehr beliebt ist. Der Song ist als Single und Video für Canada
und Europa geplant!
" Love me tender. Don't be cruel.
Return to sender. Stuck on you.
It's now or never. Suspicious minds.
Hey Elvis. Aren't you lonesome tonight?"