Am 26.November 2002 bei PAX Tv erschienen - das neue Album !
Am 26.11.2002 erschien das neue Album von Billy Ray Cyrus bei PAX Tv Store. Er hat über 8 Monate daran gearbeitet,und es heißt "Time Flies". Die erste Singleauskopplung heißt "What Else Is There" und ist in den Radiostationen und Videosendern wie z.B. GAC zu sehn und zu hören.
Zu dem vorhergehenden Album "Southern Rain" hier der Link.Auf dem Album werden folgende Songs enthalten sein:Der Titelsong Time Flies, der Titelsong der erfolgreichen Arztserie bei PAX "DOC" der Song Stand Still ,die aktuelle Single What Else Is There , sein persönliches Lieblingslied von dem neuen Album She Doesn`t Hate Me .Sowie die erst geplante Singleauskopplung Bread Alone , und der Song The Way It Is und Nobody.Folgen die Lyrics zu den ersten Songs,Time Flies und What Else Is There .

· What Else is There
· Bread Alone
· The Way it Is
· She Don't Love Me (She Don't Hate Me)
· Time Flies
· I Luv Ya
· I Still Believe
· Without You
· Hard to Leave
· Nobody
· Tell Me
· Close to Gone
· Stand Still
· Back to Memphis
Some Gave All (Acoustic Version)

"What Else is There?"
I got a chair, you got a bed...
We got a dream or two running through our heads.
You can't cook, I don't care.
What else is there?
I got a car, you got a room..
We can talk all night and make love by the moon.
Feel the love in the air
What else is there?
People talk about troubles till their blue in the face,
Run around in circles that's the whole human race.
Well, I've got my own life figured out.
You're the sweetest thing I've ever found, God smilin' down..
What else is there?
You've got this car I'm kinda crazy. Might be a real cool
combination in a baby.
Your eyes, my hair..
What else is there?

Repeat Chorus
Years from now, even then, we'll get old and maybe go to bed by ten.
I'll hold your hand and climb the stairs...
What else is there?
(Repeat...fading out and BR's voice saying "you know what I'm talkin' about"..
What else is there?
It`s living in the moment today-
Got down on the floor and played with my little girl-
For a little while-It`s crazy how much she`s grown-
It seems last I looked she was so small but she sure ain`t now-
But she`s around that age her first memories are made-
Oh I remember being that young once-
I think it was yesterday
Chorus: Time Flies - Blows by - Feels like -
I`ve missed so many things
Time flies - And sometimes - God I wish you`d clip it`s wings
Another day is winding down-
There you stand in that cotton gown
The one you wore when we first made love-
Back when this was just a dream, no house, no kids
The only thing we had then was us-
And babe I can`t help but miss that now and then`Cause all those old tomorrows-
Ain`t coming back again

Chorus: Tag:Time flies God I, God I wish you`d clip its wings
God why can`t you clip its wings -
Time flies Time flies