Shaky in Klinik
Originaltext aus UK News vom 8.12.2004
80`s Star Shakin' Stevens hat sich diese Woche einer Reihe von Tests in einer Herzspezialklinik unterziehen müssen nach Herzbeschwerden dieser Woche.
Der 56 jährige,berühmt geworden durch seinen in Jeans Style tanzende Elvis Typ,musste sich diese Woche einem Top Herz Spezialisten vorstellen.

Der stellte fest,das Shaky durch sein starkes Rauchen,zu viel Alkohol und dem zu hohen Colesterinspiegel Probleme bekommen hat.

Wahrer Name Michael Barratt erkrankte Anfang der Woche,und bekam den rat einen Spezialist aufzusuchen.

Er ging darauf hin dann in die Harley Street Clinic wo die Nacht 800 GBP kostet.

Ein Beobachter der "Sun" sagte:" Er versuchte zu lächeln,aber er schaute sehr besorgt aus und nicht gut..."

Shaky,der jetzt in Woking,Surrey lebt hatte 4 #1 Hits wie This Ole House,Green Door,Oh Julie und Merry Christmas Everyone



Eighties pop star Shakin' Stevens has undergone a series of tests in hospital after a heart scare.
The 56-year-old, famous for his Elvis-style dancing while dressed head-to-toe in denim, had to see a top heart specialist, according to The Sun.

He is believed to be a heavy smoker and suffering circulation problems and high cholesterol.
Real name Michael Barratt, Shaky was taken ill earlier this week and a doctor referred him for an urgent appointment with a specialist.

He then stayed at a top Harley Street Clinic for tests at a cost of £800 a night.
An onlooker told The Sun: "He managed a smile but he did look very concerned and not well."

Shaky, who now lives in Woking, Surrey, enjoyed four Number One hits with This Old House, Green Door, Oh Julie and Merry Christmas Everyone.

noch eine Meldung aus dem Mirror:

Dec 8 2004
Heart scare star goes to hospital
By Chris Hughes
POP star Shakin' Stevens had hospital tests yesterday after a heart scare.
The 56-year-old heavy smoker - real name Michael Barratt - saw a top heart specialist.
Doctors have not ruled out surgery on the 80s rocker, who is believed to have circulation problems and high cholesterol.
He began to feel ill a few days ago and went to a doctor, who immediately suspected heart problems.
The star was referred to a West London hospital, then sent to a second unit nearby hours later.
Yesterday, he was transferred again to the Harley Street Clinic - which can cost £800 a night - for tests by the leading cardiologist. An onlooker said: "He managed a smile, but he did look very concerned and not well."
And a friend said: "He has been concerned about his health for some time. He seems to smoke a lot and that could take its toll on his health."
Stevens lives with wife Hazel in Woking, Surrey, where son Jason, 30, said: "He went to hospital, but it was only a routine check-up.
"It was arranged - he wasn't rushed in or anything like that. He wasn't kept in and is at a pal's house tonight. He's fine."
The singer had four No1 hits in the 80s - This Old House, Green Door, Oh Julie and Merry Christmas Everybody.